2011 JAPAN QUAKE OVERPOWERS PLATE TECTONICS, Prof. Sohei Matsuno, Universitas IBA Pelembang, Indonesia

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On 11 Mar. 2011, at 14 hr. 46 min 30 sec (JST) at hypocenter, an unprecedentedly great quake, The 2011 off Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake, took place. It was followed by an unprecedentedly high tsunami 40 minutes later. It’s also unprecedented that identification of the quake and tsunami differs institute-by-institute, time-to-time, even in a single statement or report. Magnitude, for example, ranges 7.9~9.4, likewise, epicenter: 60~130 km offshore, focal depth: 10~40 km, and tsunami height: 3~40 m. Some deviations are usual in these indexes. But they deviate from an imaginable scope. This paper tried to define the indexes by means of usual devices based on the plate tectonic theory, and it itself has realized difficulties in determining a set of compatible indexes, especially in magnitude. This paper judges that the Quake had unprecedented quality, from which all excessive quantities emerge. The matter is that the quantities over-scaled the capacity of the current seismic-technical system. There must be essential revisions on the system, in which the theory of plate tectonics is one of the objects.

Complete paper available at UIBA Repository

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