2011 OFF PACIFIC COAST OF TOHOKU EARTHQUAKE, Prof. Sohei Matsuno, Universitas IBA Pelembang, Indonesia | 15 Oktober 2012

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This is an analysis on a document relating to the 2011 off Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake (the Quake). The document is a copy from club.china.com/, titled, ‘A True Cause of Great Japan Earthquake,’ circulating among Chinese Indonesians. The author of the document (researcher on nuclear engineering) insists, ‘the earthquake, M 9.0 (Mar. 11 2011) was initiated by a foreshock earthquake, M 7.4 (Mar. 09 2011) that was triggered by a nuke test on the same day using byproducts of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant (the NPP).’ He supports his theory with several politico-technical causes. As there’d be effects of unaffordable to overlook, this paper has analyzed the document socio-scientifically to verify document’s rationale. This paper concludes that the document is a hypothesis standing on weak back-up; hence, it cannot prove the possibility of the nuke test, much less the fact of it. At the same time, this paper shows the mechanism how the NPP accident was caused by the Quake and the subsequent tsunami. Further, it calls people’s attention on the Weapon of Mass Destruction to be easily derived from a combination of oil-mining and civil engineering is on the horizon of the document’s course.

Complete paper available at UIBA Repository

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